Before the Event

The Blogger was a beauty blogger/vlogger, with a modest-but-growing following. While she hadn't spent much time on campus, this past semester The Blogger was technically about to finish up her freshman year of college.

She was dating a girl who rode a motorbike and rescued her from her first and last frat party like some knight in shining leather, although they’ve been broken up for months now. She was what some would call nervous around crowds, although that’s escalated into something that makes it hard for her to even venture outside her apartment building.

The Blogger was a scaredy-cat, in her own words. A bit of a flake and a failure. The Blogger was good at pretty things, not so good with the ugly.

After the Event

The Blogger doesn’t know who she is, anymore. But she knows she has to change, to keep living in this new world. Just not as much as she may think. There’s more strength in being able to see the beauty in things than she realizes, even at the end of the world.

Appears In

 Episode Zero

"- not panicking"
"- Panicking. I was a total ditz when the power first went out -"

Episode One 

Episode Two


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Why would you fight the blogger? what are you hoping to achieve? even if you can find her house (‘cause she’s not coming out) she will have the hometown advantage. She will smack you while also recommending some mascara that will really make your eyes pop.