Before the Event

The Scholar was a very good student. She did everything right. She was easily distracted, so she just took out everything in her life that could possibly distract her. It left her with a very empty social calendar, but a very high GPA. The Scholar grew up wanting to learn everything about everything, but she learned how to shrink it all down, make it fit into a box that said ‘four years to a degree’.

When apocalyptic predictions started to become mainstream news, most people in her college headed home. She didn’t, and instead woke up to see that her whole campus had flooded. 

After the Event

The Scholar is Jewish, and as she grows accustomed to seeing the end of the world out of her dorm room window, she wishes she remembered better what that means. Take away her studies, all her carefully recorded notes, and she’s not sure what else is left. She’s so used to knowing every answer on a quiz, but now she’s just left with question after question. About herself, about the world around her and what that means.

Luckily, she is trapped in a university. It’s not a bad place to be stuck, if you’ve got questions. 

Appears In

Episode Zero

Episode One

Episode Five