Before the Event

The Scout was just a kid. She’s still a kid, although she’ll tell you that technically, she’s a preteen. Not the best Girl Scout, but definitely wins points on the enthusiasm scale. And she loves it! She loves singing the songs and meeting new people. When she gets assigned a new girl as her buddy for their Spring Break camping extravaganza, she could not be more stoked.

After the Event

Okay yes, she lost the group. It wasn’t her fault! She’s pretty sure someone moved her tent overnight. Or maybe it was the trees that moved? Anyway, that’s fine! She found her way back to the cabins all by herself. She’ll worry about calling her mom and finding out where everyone else went soon, but she’s gotta find her buddy first. It’s The Most Important Rule.

She’s not worried! She’s a Scout, and she’s prepared for stuff like this. She’s going to earn so many badges by the time this all blows over, just watch and see.

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