Before the Event

The Stormchaser was a boy with an obsession, who worked hard enough and was lucky enough to be well on his way to turning that obsession into a career. He was used to being the youngest and least experienced, but made up for it with unbridled enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn as much as he could from the people around him.

The personal stories and antidotes he treated with as much reverence as the science.

He was like everyone’s younger brother, or son, in the weird but close-knit community of people chasing dangerous weather. He’s not used to being on his own, not used to shooting a question at the radio and having no one answer.

After the Event

Still, even after everything that’s happened, he still loves the storms.

Something’s changed, since he almost died and woke up alone. Not just physically, although the lightning strike scar that stretches across his skin will take some getting used to, but he feels calmer than he has any right to be.

Maybe that has something to do with how, even with just a staticy radio for company, he doesn’t feel alone at all.


The Stormchaser has a lightning shaped scar from his hairline to past the collar of his shirt, something he got during the storm.

Appears In

Episode Zero

"Just to - be safe, please? And if you see something like this happening I -"

Episode One

Episode Five

[quoting Daisy] "You've got lightning on you."


Should you FIGHT The Stormchaser?

You go to punch him, he grabs your hand. 'Do you ever just… love the weather? so much?,’ he starts talking about tornadoes. He does not release your hand. You’re starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

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