Before the Event

The Survivor was no one special, just another queer First Nations youth on the streets of a big city. A statistic, more than anything. The Survivor had run until he hit water, and then got stuck there, far from his family and his land and not exactly sure he remembered the way back. The Survivor had gotten very good at living on a day-to-day basis, on having thicker skin than the person next to him, on shrinking his world to only include him. 

 The Survivor knew all the rules to all the games, and used that as a way to get by.

After the Event

Now, with the world reshaping around him, suddenly his unique set of skills are in high demand. The doors have been left open, and the walls are coming down, and the only thing stopping him from going anywhere - from going home - is himself. He’s not used to being the thing holding himself back. 

In fact, he actively hates it.

Appears In

Episode Three